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Postponed: GCRL Science Café: Billfish Research in the Gulf of Mexico and Beyond

Please note that this event has been postponed until further notice.

Billfish conjure up an iconic image of sleek, majestic predators which elusively cruise the world’s oceans. Recreational anglers have long romanticized these fish as the ultimate saltwater gamefish. Billfish are also an important component of the pelagic ecosystem; understanding their biology and ecology is vital for continued conservation. Scientists at USM’s Center for Fisheries Research and Development have been conducting research on billfish for over 25 years. The studies have focused mainly on billfish within the Gulf of Mexico with partners from the recreational fishing community, conservation groups, and the fishing industry. These partnerships have provided the means to research life history projects (age, growth, and reproduction), diet studies, satellite tagging projects, larval fish surveys, and habitat surveys.

Please join us for a hybrid GCRL virtual and in-person Science Café presented by Jeremy Higgs, Assistant Director, Center for Fisheries, as he will provide an overview of the current research on billfish by the CFRD team. Jeremy has been a researcher with USM’s Center for Fisheries Research and Development since 2010 and has worked on various projects ranging from oyster reef restoration to pelagic fisheries. Currently, his research focuses on the life history, distribution, and movement of Highly Migratory Species, with a particular interest in sharks and billfish.

The Science Café can also be viewed live on the MEC Facebook page.

Special thank you to the sponsor of the Science Café, MS-AL Sea Grant, and to USM’s Marine Education Center for technical support. Join us for coffee, cookies, and other treats. Masks are available.

Tuesday, January 31, 2023 at 6:00pm to 7:00pm

Caylor Auditorium, Room 104
703 East Beach Drive, Ocean Springs, MS 39564