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GCRL Virtual Science Café: Sargassum, Brown Tide or Golden Jewel?

Massive influxes of floating sargassum seaweed have been impacting shorelines on both sides of the tropical Atlantic for the last decade. 2018 saw record breaking quantities of pelagic sargassum reaching the Caribbean, with 20 million metric tons reaching the region in June alone! The seaweed itself is not harmful; floating sargassum at sea is beneficial as a unique habitat. It is the large floating mats clogging fishing gear and impeding navigation at sea and the mass stranding on coastlines and ensuing decomposition that is highly detrimental to people, ecosystems and economies.

Join us for the GCRL Virtual Science Café presented by Dr. Shelly-Ann Cox via Zoom to hear more about what sargassum is, where it’s coming from, how we predict its arrival and how it can be turned into an opportunity.

Dr. Shelly-Ann Cox is an experienced Ocean Professional and Fisheries Management Specialist. Shelly-Ann has ten years of experience in applied interdisciplinary climate related research and fisheries management research. She is well-known for building, supporting and sustaining positive and productive relationships with stakeholders in the Caribbean fishing industry. She received her Ph.D. from the University of the West Indies in Natural Resources Management and is the founder and CEO of Blue Shell Productions.

Special thanks to the sponsor of the Science Café, MS-AL Sea Grant and to USM’s Marine Education Center (MEC) for tech support.

Dial-In Information

 Webinar ID: 831 9783 7425   |   Passcode: 10547643

International numbers available.

Tuesday, March 15, 2022 at 6:00pm to 7:00pm

Virtual Event