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Facing rejection is an inherent part of our academic journey, whether it's an internship application, paper submission or grant proposal. Yet, how often do we openly address the impact of these rejections on our mental well-being?

Join us for an empowering workshop at USM, where we not only shed light on academic rejections but also equip you with the tools to rewrite your narrative. By introducing storytelling skills, this workshop aims to destigmatize rejection and provide strategies to navigate through such setbacks positively.

Workshop Highlights:
1. Share and listen to rejection stories with peers and faculty.
2. Dive into the art of storytelling, drawing inspiration from greats like Mike Birbiglia and Aparna Nancherla.
3. Write and craft your own story, turning rejection into resilience.
4. An opportunity to narrate your journey, showcasing personal growth and perseverance.

This initiative is proudly funded by the USM GEMS (Gender Equity Movement in STEM) grant and in collaboration with PRISM Center. Registration is open to all students at USM, with a special emphasis on students from underrepresented groups and those in STEM field. REGISTER

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